Quiz 3/3

Here are some excellent examples from our most recent quiz. Included here are examples for the various parts of the quiz. The end of Module 3 Assessment is coming up soon and these are fine examples of thorough thinking.

The question on the quiz was–>

Sandy ate ⅙  of a candy bar. John ate ¾  of it. How much more of the candy bar did John eat than Sandy?

They are in the following order: Leaf, Reid, Ilario, Laena, Emma, Margot, Bryan, Ariana, Rosa


What a Great Day in Math!!!!

So last night’s homework was a tech. lesson for me. The incorrect link was uploaded to the blog, as I failed to wait for completion of “Publish” status on Screencast-O-Matic! So we just did the problem in class. Here you will see examples of some awesome effort!  After school today we had our first meeting of Crazy 8’s Math Club that will be meeting every Wednesday from 3:30 to 4:30. Today was Glow Stick Geometry- see pictures…